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Editorial: Rachel Corrie Bulldozed to Death by Israel’s Tyranny Today in 2003 ~March 16th
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PKKH Editorial
“When I come back from Palestine, I probably will have nightmares and constantly feel guilty for not being here…”
This was Rachel Corrie, 23, from Olympia, Washington, on hersenior-year college assignment, as an activist with ISM (International Solidarity Movement), in Rafah, Gaza, but she never went back…

Rachel was in Rafah, in Gaza, in 2003, at the time of the ‘second Intifada’, where in Rafah alone, according to B’Tselem, and Israel non-government human rights org., about 1,700 homes were demolished resulting in 17,000 people becoming homeless between 2000 and 2004. Rachel with 7 more ISM activist had been protesting everyday, for these 2 months, in front of Israeli bulldozers that were shattering the home of the helpless Gazans.

As it had happened, within 2 years of Israel’s inception, Israel had occupied 50% more land in Occupied Palestine than mandated to it by the UN. And of all this land that it had occupied it had dragged the civil population out into the squeezed left-over West Bank and Gaza, where most of the population has been living in permanent Refugee Camps for all these year.

But the Greed of Israel never ends, and as a perpetual policy Israel is systematically clearing and adding in more land from West Bank and Gaza, by walls, more settlements and bulldozing whatever feeble houses the Palestinians possess. Every day houses are downed this way and in the process as the residents protest, deaths are a common phenomenon to occur.

Rachel had settled in with a family in one of these houses that had come in close-range of demolition. This was local pharmacist Samir Nasralla’s family, and that day, the last day of Rachel’s life, she knew that their house was going to be demolished, so she stood right in front of the bulldozer.

After Rachel had been crushed to death, as the bulldozer ran twice over her body, the Israeli government out-rightly denied any responsibility for her death, which had been cause, according to autopsy report, ‘by pressure on the chest (mechanicalasphyxiation) with fracturesof the ribs and vertebrae of the dorsal spinal column and scapulas, and tear wounds in the right lung with hemorrhaging of thepleural cavities. IDF said the driver didn’t see Rachel.

But apparently the Israel government has lied, as Rachel and her 7 friends were trained for ‘safety’in protesting. They had been trainedto take precautions like ‘Wear fluorescent jackets’, ‘Don’t run’, ‘Don’t frighten the army’, ‘Try to communicate by megaphone’, ‘Make your presence known’; and Rachel and her team had been doing all this for their last  three-hour confrontation with the IDF bulldozers, before one of them played upon her life and body.

Rachel Corriewas a regular girl from a regular family, who had happen to be in this part of the world where humanity is being crushed by an inhumane, tyrant force, and Rachel couldn’t take it; she couldn’t shun it off from her mind as a status quo to be taken as routine matter. For Rachel the conditions of the people of Gaza, and the atrocities they had to face every day, was unacceptable, inhuman and disgusting; and she just knew that humanity cannot go on like thisIn one of her emails to her mother, she wrote:

‘…One of the core members of our group has to leave tomorrow – and watching her say goodbye to people is making me realize how difficult it will be. People here can’t leave, so that complicates things. They also are pretty matter-of-fact about the fact that they don’t know if they will be alive when we come back here.I really don’t want to live with a lot of guilt about this place – being able to come and go so easily – and not going back.’

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