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David S. >Re: [NetworkAztlan_News] Declining interest in 'Chicano Studies' reflects a Latino identify shift +Comment

Hermano David S. ~ For being a doctor you can be so backwards. What are you a doctor in?

The Chicano Movement got derailed with the whole Chicano cultural nationalist ideology of which you were a part. When any liberation movement fails it is the fault of vanguard, not the people. So there is plenty of blame to go around.

I consider Chicanos like a lost tribe. Certainly we are not fully Mexicans nor fully practicing indigenous peoples. We must relate to the consciousness of the people, not confuse our subjective consciousness with a collective group consciousness. We must evolve.

I cannot in good faith put down anyone who wants to consider themselves as Latinos. At least it is not a brown face thinking he or she is White. We need to unite with all peoples of La Raza Cosmica, including those who identify with a specific nation, such as Cuba or Puerto Rico.

In actuality there are not autonomous nations under Empire, though there is a subjective collective nationalist identity. A true nation would control the land and all the institutions thereon, including having its own territorial integrity, army and military forces. We are a unique people in a unique historical situation not easily explained.

We must keep our love for our own people in our hearts and also expand our hearts in order to embrace all peoples of all lands. Of course, we are by historical circumstances traced back to indigenous roots, but many of us to not even know our true indigenous roots nor do we practice traditional methods of a given tribe. Realism is at the core of revolutionary activation

I was a Brown Beret de Sacra long ago, but I also related to the Black Berets de San Jose. We had a lot of good people with us at the time and there are a lot of good people still around. We need to change, develop and evolve with the times.

Hell, I remember when we Brown Berets gathered in the back of a church in Los Angeles and you said we were not going to be 'like the niggers' with breakfast programs and other survival programs like the Panthers were doing. Those who were there and remember the true history of the Brown Berets remember.

So be humble. You abandoned the Berets long ago. Anyone who wants to carry on in the name of the Brown Berets and its original vision do not need any nod from you or anyone else.

Let us carry on in the Liberation Struggle without even gettng hung up on ethnic-racial identify politics. The world has barely seen what we can do when we rise up together in unity, instead of always being at each other's throats.

Declining interest in 'Chicano Studies' reflects a Latino identify shift +Comment ~ ~
Venceremos! We Will Win! Educate to Liberate!
Peter S. Lopez AKA @Peta_de_Aztlan
Sacramento, California

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Actually, I feel that it was Chicano Studies who failed to promote
emphasis on Chicano Identity and the needs of the Chicano poor. Instead,
many professor got stuck on international and gender issues. Thus,
causing the defeat of the Chicano power base. In perspective, the idea
of Mexican American Studies, I can agree with. Recruitment is going down
because the Chicano was eliminated at all levels. In my opinion, the
Latino is in denial and only wishes to get a good job. The Mexican
American has a strong cultural and historical foundation. The Latino is
an assimilationist. Hence, it was the Chicano that shook the tree, and
the Latinos came in to steal the apples. The Mexican American is 85% of
the Brown Student population which consist of half of the Students in
California. Latino is too general. Latino does not recognize the native
and aboriginal right of the Mexican Americans. Further, The Latino was
made up to defuse the power of the Mexican American population of 50
million. Of course, the media, the schools, and government has driven
Latino down our throats. Why give Mexican Americans a commercialized
name like Latino. Latino has no theoretical History. Only a history of
selling out to white dominate institutions. David Sanchez Ph.D.

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